A breath of fresh air in the core of the city




Martín de Lucio Arquitectos

Main Contractor

SanJose constructora




Nbucle Creative Communication

In the Corazón de María 6 project, we were involved in the production of a video.

Our client came to our studio with the intention of showing the buyers how the project will look like at the end. We did the most to make sure that the future tenants of the dwellings will figure out the building, the space and make them feel as home before it is fully refurbished.
The building was built in the ’70s when it was used as an office building.

Nowadays, Corazón de María 6 rebirth with a new design and 48 dwellings. It is located in the residential district of Chamartín, at the heart of Madrid.

Corazón de María Madrid render entrada día
Corazón de María Madrid render entrada noche

Corazón de María/Exteriors

Corazón de María/Animation film