Intempo, the building to stimulate your senses


SVP Global


UNIQ Residential


  • Pérez-Guerras Arquitectos
  • Robledo Arquitectos

Main Contractor

Dragados S.A.


Nbucle Creative Communication

Intempo is extraordinary and exclusive with its 187 metres high. This iconic skyscraper is the highest residential building in Europe.
Intempo includes 256 apartments with unbeatable views of Benidorm beach and mountains. Its singular style and art decó contemporaneous design are part of the emblematic Mediterranean shore.

Thanks to Nbucle services, we support with the decision making on the delivery construction works.
We also design some of the common areas, various finishings and redesigns.

Once all the details were completed and defined, Nbucle created the renders. We integrated the environment into the famous building shape with the new design and its large common areas, from the ground floor to the 47th.
Nbucle also created videos and a 360 Virtual Reality Tour which you can enjoy Intempo from anywhere you are.

Render edificio Intempo vista noche con piscina
Render edificio Intempo vista día con piscina

Intempo/Common Zones

Intempo/Animation film


Intempo/Virtual tour

Intempo/Dynamic Image